We Support You

- We introduce integrated marketing plan with cutting all unnecessary expenses to stretch your dollar 
- WinnerDigit partially funds your expenses 
- Installment solutions

Branding Plan (Architype, Voice of bran, Logo) 

Optimum Functional Website

Best Digital Presence

Discover if your business illegible  

Less Budget Without Compromising the Quality 

How is the Startups Support Program Working?

A- Involving the customer: 
- We do the whole necessary and critical work, the whole technical and creative part. For the parts, we guide our client to do them under or instructions and supervision.
B- We fund partially  to pay a big part of marketing working hours 

All successful businesses' stories start from Marketing Research, and that we always do, or guide the client to do under our supervision and review 

We have the tools and the knowledge to define the targeted audiences segments, determine the brand personality and declare the value preposition 

We develop the content to be produced as articles, blogs, website content, videoing ( with pre-production - footage - post production) 

Design and develop the website (inclusing buying the domain name, hosting and all related setup and security) and establish the social media channels using the content which we developed 

.)Continue distribute the content, but this time as paid ads on all media means as the business' needs like Social media marketing (Facebook , LinkedIn, Instagram,...etc.) , Google Ads, printed media ( printed magazines,  flyers, transportation)

Which is make the website high ranked with google to introduce it on the SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages), if the business needs it.